What We Do

What We Do

On appointment as the insurance broker and risk management advisors Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers Uganda Limited will undertake to perform/meet the following functions at No Extra cost : –

1) Undertaking a market survey before renewal or placement of a new cover, covering reputable and financially stable underwriters with a view to getting the best terms at most economical cost.
2) Placement of insurance covers and scrutinizing and interpreting of policy documents to ensure that the envisaged cover is provided.

3) Constant review of insurance covers to ascertain that there are no risk exposures.

4) To ensure that underwriters remit claim payments within 14 days of final submission of all the claims supporting documents required

5) Allocating dedicated senior persons at Chancery Wright to specifically handle your insurance program.

6) Monitoring informally the performance of the holding underwriters to ensure that they are financially sound to safeguard your interests.

7) Facilitating the undertaking of risk survey by the holding underwriters.

8) Chancery Wright to conduct in-house training program when required and a training program to be drawn in conjunction with your contact Person.