Money Insurance Policy

The cover provides compensation against loss of money whilst in transit or in premises during or after working hours or while in hand s of authorized officials. The policy also extends to cover loss or physical damage to safes as a result of any cause unless excluded by the policy.

Money in this sense is deemed to include cash, any currency notes,

Possible Loss Scenarios                                                                           Amount/Limit

(a)Money in transit from the premises to and from the bank                                                         xxxxx

(b)Money in premises during working hours                                                                          xxxxx

(c)Money in premises outside working hours                                                                         xxxxx

(d Money while in hands of authorized officials /directors                                                 xxxxx

(e)Damage to safes or strong rooms.                                                                                         xxxxx

(f)Estimated annual carry (possible total carried in a year)                                                 xxxxx.

However this policy excludes loss of money if stolen by your employees, relatives or accomplice,accounting shortages, loss of profit all are not covered e.t.c).