Medical / Health Insurance

The policy pays for medical expenses that are incurred in treating your employees when they fall sick including treatment of accidental injuries. (In-Patient and Out Patient).

It is arranged so that your employees visit an insurance chosen hospital/clinic and then all the bills are paid directly to the provider by the insurance company.

It Pays for the Costs of Hospital accommodation ,nursing expenses ,physician’s ,surgeons, anesthetists fees prescribed medicines, CT Scan, X-ray and other diagnostic tests ,Theatre operation charges e.t.c.

However should the insured employee find him/her self not in a position to access any of the approved hospitals/clinics, the company will reimburse the insured the medical expenses incurred in any of the statutory registered hospital/clinic in Uganda upon submission of a filled claim form ,medical treatment forms and receipts?

Information Required.

Client to indicate the preferred limit under each category below.

Inpatient Limit                                            :                            Choose Limit.

Out Patient Limit                                       :                            Choose Limit.

Dental Treatment Limit.                          :                            Choose Limit.

Eye Optical Limit                                        :                            Choose Limit.

Maternity/Child Birth.               :                            Choose Limit.